Attributes (Stat Boosts)

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Attributes can be used to create customized stats for your hero unit. The following tutorial will explain how to create a few attributes that modify your hero's stats each time he or she levels. If you do not know how to give your hero levels, you should first read the tutorial on Leveling units. This is also written assuming you have the "Show Table View" button pressed next to the right "Search" bar.

Creating "Agility"

The first attribute we will make will be "Agility" and it will increase the hero's movement speed by 5% each time he or she gains a level.

Step 1 - Create the Attribute

Go into the Data Editor (F7) and under "Data Type:" select "Behaviors." Right-click in the left box and select "Add Object..." (or press Ctrl+=). Name this new Behavior "Agility" click "Suggest" for the ID, and set the type to "Attribute" based on "CBehaviorAttribute." Click "Ok" to close the window.

In the box on the right, find "Behavior - Modification +" and double click the space next to it to open an "Object Values" window. This is where we will set up the effect that our "Agility" stat will have on the hero.

Click the "Movement" tab, and find "Movement Speed Multiplier." Set this value to 1.05 (or in other words, 5%). Click "Ok" to close the window.

Step 2 - Editing the Veterancy

While still in "Data Type: Behaviors," select your hero Veterancy Behavior (if you used the tutorial on how to level a unit, then it should be called "Hero"). Double click the space next to "Behavior - Veterancy Levels +" to open the "Object Values" window.

Select your second level on the list of levels in the top box (number 1 under "Index"). Now click the "Behavior" tab under "Modification." Find the "Attribute Changes" table below the tab and click the green X on the right of it to add a new line. Select that new line and notice that the "Attribute" dropdown menu and "Points" values are not editable. in the "Attribute" dropdown list, select "Agility." Now, change the value under "Points" to 1. Essentially this means that when you reach level 2, you will gain 1 point of "Agility." Setting this value to 2 will double the effect of the attribute, and so on.

Continue with the rest of the levels, adding attribute points as you see fit. In some cases you may wish to only gain a point every other level, that's up to you.

Step 3 - Adding Attributes to the Hero

Under "Data Type:," select "Units" and find your hero. In the box on the right, find "Behavior - Behaviors +" and double click the field to the right of it. A new "Object Values" window should appear, and on it should already be your Veterancy Behavior. Click the green X on the right of the box to add a new line. From the dropdown list below the box, select "Agility." Click "Ok" to close the window, and your hero now has "Agility."

List of Attribute Modification Values

A list of all the "Behavior - Modification +" values and explanations of what they do can be found at Attribute Behavior Modification.