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Doodads are mainly used to decorate a scene of terrain. There are some tricks listed bellow: they should greatly improve your speed when placing them.

For more, see "Terraining Tips".


  • Annoyed by the "placement grid" of doodads? Press "Shift" when you are placing them, it'll enable the "Ignore Placement Requirements" option.
  • Holding Ctrl while placing a doodad will force it to follow the grid.
  • Navigate quickly through doodads' variations by pressing "," and "." (comma and dot).
  • "PgUp" and "PgDn" changes the height of an already-placed doodad.
  • "+" and "-", on the numpad, changes the size of an already-placed doodad.
  • Pressing "V" will make the white placement markers and the grid disappear for a clearer view.

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