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Items are catalog objects that can be equipped by units when paired with an Inventory. They can have very basic effects like adding armor to a unit, equipping a weapon to a unit, or even have more complex "on-use" effects that deal damage to a target or heal the unit.

Item itself just links several other objects together. An item consist of:

  • Button - contains the item's icon and description
  • Behavior - (optional) provides passive bonuses for item's bearer (the behavior is applied as usually, beware of stacking limits)
  • Effect or Ability - (optional) used for items with active effects
  • Weapon - (optional) used for items that give a weapon to the bearer
  • Unit - represents the unit when outside of inventory (the link goes the other way here, the unit has a field called item, which links them together)
    • Actor - obviously the item's unit needs it's own actor

Additionally, item has an item class, which is used by item containers to determine, which items can be placed in which slots.



Generic items are passive, they can only give the unit behavior or weapon.

Effect - Instant

These items have, as the name suggests, an instant effect. It is possible to specify cost for use (commonly used for items with limited charges).

Effect - Target

Same as above, except uses targeted effect.


??? Can be safely used with Effec - Instant and Effect - Target abilities


Each item has several basic fields:

  • Face - Button used for this item
  • Carry Behaviors/Weapons - Behaviors/Weapons added to unit when carrying the item
  • Equip Behaviors/Weapons - Behaviors/Weapons added to unit when the item is equipped

(Some slot in inventory can be marked to not equip the item (storage slots), items in this slots will provide only carry bonuses.) For more info, see Item containers.

  • Container - items can be used as further item containers, containing other items. See Item containers