UI Triggers

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The UI trigger actions are generally used for controlling the User Interface. Some actions are only usable by Blizzard and their maps. Many are self-explanatory, so this page will include more specific information about what they each do.

Text Triggers

Clear Text Messages

Clear all of the specified text messages currently being displayed for the specified player(s). Message type presets include: All Messages, Chat Messages, Cinematic Messages, Directive Messages, Objective Messages, and Subtitle Messages.

Hide Cinematic Text

Hide Text Crawl

Show Cinematic Text

Show Text Crawl

Text Message

Alerts/Cheats/Tips/Tutorials/Help Panel

Clear Alerts

Clears all alert messages and spacebar points for the specified player.

Clear All Tip Alerts

Clears all currently displayed tip alerts for the specified player(s). Tips can still be viewed in the Help Panel.

Create Alert At Point

Create an alert at a point for a specified player. There are 117 Alert Types to choose from which determines what the In-Game voice will say. A spacebar point is created at the alert's target point. The alert's text is the text that will show up when the user presses spacebar to jump to that alert's location. The custom alert icon does not appear to show up in-game but may be somewhere I have not looked.

Create Alert At Unit

Same as "Create Alert At Point", except this action targets a unit instead of a point.

Create Alert With No Source

Same as "Create Alert At Point", except this action has no target and, therefore, will not create a spacebar point. However, the alert's text will still show up when the player presses spacebar.

Create Cheat

Creates a tip on the help panel with a button that must be pressed for the tip to be displayed.

Create Tip

Create Tutorial

Display Help Page

Enable/Disable Help Panel Tech Glossary Button

Enable/Disable Help Panel Tech Tree Button

Set Help Panel Default Visibility


Set Minimap Background Color

Changes the minimap background color. Self-explanatory.

Show/Hide Minimap Camera Field of View

Challenge Mode

Challenge Mode

Only for use in Blizzard maps.

Set Challenge Completed

Only Blizzard maps can use this.

Set Challenge High Score

Only Blizzard maps can use this.

Set Challenge Score Text

Only Blizzard maps can use this.

Show/Hide UI Elements

Show Custom Menu

Show/Hide Achievement Panel

Show/Hide Boss Bar

Show/Hide Custom Menu Dialog Item

Show/Hide Game Menu Dialog Item

Show/Hide Game UI

Shows or hides the entire game UI (does this include custom dialogs? Needs checking)

Show/Hide Help For Unit

Show/Hide Help Panel Tech Tree Race

Show/Hide Mouse Cursor

Shows or hides the cursor.

Show/Hide World

Shows or hides the main 3D view of terrain and units.

Show/Hide UI Frame

There are numerous UI Frames that can be hidden.(Check out the UI Frames article for more information).

Victory Panel

Tip Alert Panel

Tech Tree Panel

Tech Glossary Panel

Supply Frame

Possibly Supply at top right, however IIRC resource panel also hides this. Will test later.

Room Panel

Resource Panel

Hiding this panel hides the mineral and gas display at the top right of the screen.

Research Panel

Purchase Panel

Planet Panel

Objective Panel

Mission Archive Panel

Minimap Panel

Hiding this panel hides the minimap. However, there is still a black box where the minimap used to be (it doesn't show the terrain underneath it).

Mercenary Panel

Menu Bar

Hero Panel

Hiding this panel hides the image/s at the middle left of the screen that display when you have a hero on the map. You can still select the hero with F2 (unconfirmed).

Error Display Panel

Credits Panel

Command Panel

Hiding this hides the command card area at the bottom right of the screen. However, there is still a black box where the command card used to be (it doesn't show the terrain underneath it).

Character Sheet Button

Cash Panel

Battle UI

Only Blizzard maps can use this.

Alert Panel

Boss Bar

Display Boss Bar

Move Boss Bar

Refresh Boss Bar

Set Boss Bar Boss

Set Boss Bar Current Value

Set Boss Bar Maximum Value

Set Boss Bar Race

Show/Hide Boss Bar

Custom Dialogs

Display Custom Dialog

Hide All Custom Menu Dialogs

Set Custom Menu Dialog Item Text

Clear BattleNet Button Offset

Clears any offset to the BattleNet button for the specified player(s). The BattleNet button returns to it's default position.

Enable/Disable Command Type

Enable/Disable Mouse Cursor Auto Hide

Error Message

For Each UI Frame

Lock Ally Color Setting

Lock Flyer Helper Display

Purchase Mercenary

Set BattleNet Button Offset

Set Command Type Disabled Message

Set Game Menu Dialog Item Text

Set Mercenary Recently Purchased

Set Next Loading Screen

Set Next Loading Screen Image Scale

Set Next Loading Screen Text Position

Set Next Movie

Set Research Item Recently Purchased

Set Resource Trade Countdown Time

Set Restart Loading Screen Tip

Set Screen Mode

Switches screen between letterbox mode and the normal, full-screen mode. Letterbox mode adds a black strip above and below the game. (Needs checking)

Turn Ability Highlight On/Off

Unlock Ally Color Setting

Unlock Flyer Help Display