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Weapons are objects that are attached to units in order for them to use their basic attacks. Most units in StarCraft 2 (exceptions being the Overlord, Infestor, High Templar, etc.) have a weapon, and therefore an attack.

Using a combination of Effects, Actors, and Units, weapons can have very different effects. These effects dictate how the weapon works.

Weapon Effects

Most commonly, all weapons have a Damage Effect. Some weapons have a Launch Missile effect. This missile Effect then links to the Damage Effect that will trigger on impact. Another interesting thing to note is that if you want your unit to have multiple attacks, it will need a Create Persistent Effect. This Effect links to the "Launch Missile" which it will create persistently (or 'multiple times'). Weapons can also utilize a Set Effect, which is basically a fancy way of making a group of effects.


  • Marine - Gauss Rifle has a "Damage" effect which does 6 damage.
  • Phase Cannon - Photon Cannon has both a Launch Missile and a Damage Effect.
  • Missile Turret - Longbolt Missile has this Create Persistent, which causes the Launch Missile Effect to be triggered twice.
  • Marauder - Punisher Grenade. The weapon launches missiles (the projectile), and triggers the Set on impact. The Set contains an Apply Behavior Effect and a Damage Effect. When we upgrade our "Marauders - Concussive Shells," the Apply Behavior Effect (contained within the Set) is activated. Thus all targets hit by the Marauder's attack are slowed.


Every Launch Missile Effect requires a Mover field. The Mover contains a lot of information about how the projectile works. You can edit the speed at which it travels, the rate at which it accelerates, and even how the missile will move along ht path before reaching its target.

Actions and Actors

A weapon won't make sounds unless you have properly linked a Combat Action (and its associated Sounds) to trigger when the Weapon is used.

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