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Effects are catalog objects, representing changes to the game world, executed by other catalog objects. Most effects are instant, they change the world and then vanish. Some (create persistent for example), persist for a while, allowing creation of delayed effects.

When an effect is executed, it inherits target reference list from whatever source created it (for example, if an Effect - Instant ability executes an effect, the effect will have casting unit and target unit both set to the unit that used the ability).

Below, you will find a complete list (undergoing editing) of all the Object Types that an Effect can be. These are listed alphabetically and as are found in the Data Editor. As this list becomes more populated, we will link valuable tutorials and examples to each of the Effects listed - allowing you to learn (by example) how they operate in game and in the editor.

Apply Behavior

This effect is used to put a Behavior object onto a Unit.

This tutorial here uses a Behavior and an ability similar to Stimpack to increase the Shield armor and attack-speeds of an Archon: Tutorial - Psionic Focus

Apply Force

Applies a force. Can be used to create pushing spells.

Create Healer

Creates a persistent effect, that periodically heals (actually it replenishes any vital, not just health) a unit. Usually used for chanelled abilities, like repair, because it can work with repair time and repair cost attributes of the targeted unit.

For simple, one-shot heal, use Modify unit.

Create Persistent

Creates a persistent effect, that can execute further effects. It can be used for chanelled abilties, or to delay/offset other effects.

Create Unit

Spawns a new unit of specified type.


Damages a target unit. The effect also provides many options for the damage, such as attribute bonuses, armor reduction, AoE radius, damage type, death type, life/shield/energy leech, etc.

Destroy Healer

Destroys a Healer effect nearby.

Destroy Persistent

Destroys a persistent effect nearby.

Issue Order

Issues a specified order to a unit. Using this effect, units can execute abilities that are not present in it's command list.

Iterate Transport

Execute an effect on each unit in the transport.

Launch Missile

This Effect creates a Missile that is launched according to it's linked Mover object. The Field which specifies the type of missile (actor of the projectile) is the ***Ammo Unit*** field. Here you can simply specify what missile you would like to use, from those already in the game. Creating your own missile requires knowledge about Actors.

One of the many effects required to create a Missile ability.

For further examples and comparative studies, have a look at the Longbolt Missile weapon (Missile Turret), the Punisher Grenade weapon (Marauder) or the Phase Cannon weapon (Photon Cannon).

Units which fire multiple missiles per shot - such as the Missile Turret - utilize Create Persistent effects to do so.

Modify Player

Modifies a player's resources.

Modify Unit

This effect allows you to modify a unit in anyway that you like. You can change it's Armor, it's Shield Armor, it's Life, it's Shields or its Energy.

An example of the Modify Unit effect would be for potions in an RPG.

Release Magazine

Remove Behavior

Removes behaviors from a target unit. Can be used to remove one or more instances of a specific behavior, or all behaviors belonging to a specific category or class.

Search Area

Search Area effects are used to apply effects to other units. The effect looks for specific units in an area and applies an effect to them. The area is defined by range and arc parameters.


A Set is essentially a group of effects. When you trigger the Set, it triggers all Effects contained within the set, or randomly triggers a preset number of effects from the set. An example of this in action would be the Marauder - Punisher Grenade weapon. When the missile hits a target, it triggers a Set. This set applies both the damage the target will take and the Slow Buff (Apply Behavior) - provided that the Concussive Grenade upgrade is researched.


Applies effects on a conditional basis. Primarily used when needing to choose one effect from a larger set of effects based on the conditions present when the switch effect is run.


Used for a teleport spell such as the Blink ability the Stalker has.

Transfer Behavior

Use Calldown

Use Magazine