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Welcome to the Hive Wiki. A (hopefully) vast resource of technical information regarding Warcraft III modding. We will need some time to set up the article hierarchy and configure the Wiki to our liking, but you are now welcome to create articles.

Public domain

Keep in mind that all articles created on this wiki are considered public domain. Whatever you decide to post here is not for you to decide when to remove again. It is considered a freely given gift to the world.

Existing articles

This wiki is already populated with a huge number of articles about StarCraft 2 modding. This is because the Hive has long been affiliated with GalaxyWiki and had an agreement that if we ever chose to setup our own Wiki, we would cross share all articles. Since we lately have been finding ourselves in need of a Wiki for specifications of file formats and since GalaxyWiki is now gone, we've set up our own based on theirs.