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A buff is a type of behavior, the most commonly used one. It can have a duration, can stack, execute effects and can be displayed in the buff bar (technically it is called behavior bar, but it can only show buffs).


The list of all modifications to the unit, that has the buff.

  • Duration

Duration of the buff, 0 stands for infinite. It can be modified further by Duration - random fields.

  • Effect - ...

Effects executed on application, removal and expiration (remove effects are applied every time, even when the buff expires (in that case, both expire and remove effects are applied)).

  • Period -

Affects execution of periodic effect. Period count sets a maximum number of effect executions. Note that the effect will not be removed due to period count running out - it has to have a duration set, too.

  • Stack count

The maximum number of stacks this buff have on a single unit.

  • Flags

There is only a single flag, hidden. Hidden buffs are not displayed on behavior bar.