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Units are the basic objects in which the user interacts with the game state. However, units themselves simply hold vital information at specific locations on the map. They cannot directly effect one another without defined Abilities or Behaviors.

Units are not displayed in game, but instead have linked Actors which create the video and audio effects.

Unit Properties

Name - The name displayed for the unit ingame

ID - The unique string used for refferencing that unit

Object Family - The location in the editors organizational trees

Race - The race for which the unit is assigned

Object Type:

  • Characters - Objects used for cinematics
  • Destructable - Typically neutral objects that can be attacked and destroyed, but cannot be commanded.
  • Hero - More important objects that are usually unique to each game.
  • Items - Game objects collected by other units or used as placeholders for inventories.
  • Projectile - Objects that are used within the execution of an effect, often simply for visual effect.
  • Props - Objects used for cinematics
  • Other
  • Resourse - Neutral objects, typically structures, that affects reasourse or other strategic assets.
  • Structure - Mostly stationary objects central to user interaction.
  • Unit - Mostly non-staionary objects central to user interaction.



Abilities - An ordered list of available abilities
Command Card - The layout and function of up to 4 command cards for the unit


AI Build Category - How the computer will incorporate the unit into its infrastructure
(Typically used for Structures Only)
AI Evaluation - The unit type the AI will recognize the unit as


Add On Offset X - The x location of the unit relative to the unit it is added
Add On Offset Y - The y location of the unit relative to the unit it is added
Add On Units - The list of behaviours applied to the unit when added to a specific unit type
Behaviours - The list of behaviours the unit is created with
Built On - The unit type the unit must be placed on
Damage Dealt (Veterancy) - The experience gained per damage dealt
Damage Taken (Veterancy) - The experience gained per damage taken
Resource Drop Off - The resources that can be returned to this unit
Resource State - Whether resources held by this unit require an additional unit to be harvested
Recourse Type - The resources held by this unit
Response - The units response to being damaged
  • Units with the response Acquire, but have no weapon, will flee


Life Regeneration - Amount of health regenerated by a unit per game second