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Leaderboards are built-in dialog boxes visible to all players which display an array of data indexed by row and column position. Typically, these are used to display critical information about individual players.


Leaderboards can be created and manipulated with the pre-made trigger actions GalaxyEdit offers you, or you can just create your own customized one with the help of Dialogs.

The built-in trigger actions Add Player to Leaderboard and Set Leaderboard Player Column assign player names to the corresponding leaderboard slots. However, all slots or items (including column/row headings) on a leaderboard can be edited using a variety of Set Leaderboard Item... to change the text or appearence of each individual item. This along with the use of For Loops can generate an effective scoring display.



  • Last Created Leaderboard - Returns the most recently created Leaderboard. Necessary for assigning a leaderboard variable for specific reference when creating multiple leaderboards.


  • Add Player To Leaderboard - Adds a new row to the leaderboard for the specified player.
  • Create Leaderboard - Creates a new leaderboard with specified table demensions.
  • Destroy Leaderboard - Removes a specified leaderboard.
  • Enable/Disable Leaderboard State - Manipulates key leaderboard functions:
  • Minimized - Whether the leaderboard is able to be minimized. To completely remove the minimize button, use Show/Hide Leaderboard Minimize Button.
  • Show Header - Whether the header above the item table is shown.
  • Show Title - Whether the title bar above the leaderboard is shown.
  • Showing - Whether the leaderboard is visible at all.
  • Sorted - Whether the leaderboard is sorted.
  • Minimize Leaderboard - Minimizes the specified leaderboard.
  • Move Leaderboard - Sets the position of the leaderboard's top right corner to the given coordinates.
  • Remove Player From Leaderboard - Removes a player from a specified leaderboard that was previously assigned using Add Player To Leaderboard.
  • Resest Leaderboard Postion - Moves the specified leaderboard to the default position.
  • Set Leaderboard Item Text - Sets the value of a specified leaderboard entery. This must be a string. To assign a numerical value, use Conver ... to Text functions. If assigned a variable, the leaderboard will not update live so this action must be called again to update the leaderboard.
  • Set Leaderboard Item Text Color - Sets the color of a given leaderboard entry to a specified color (actual color value). If referencing a player color (ie. for coloring names appropriately), the function Convert Player Color to Color.
  • Show/Hide Leaderboard Minimize Button - Adds or removes a minimize button for the specified leaderboard.

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