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The Map Loading Screen is a screen displayed when the map is loading. To get to the Map Loading Screen, click the Map button at the top of the screen and select Map Loading Screen...



Selecting Melee will make the loading screen remain as the default loading screen, showing a map preview and showing which players are playing, as well as how far they have loaded.


Selecting Custom allows you to customize any text you would like to appear on the loading screen. Choosing this will not show the players or minimap.

Wait for Key

Checking this option will require every user to press any key to start the map. This would be useful in case some want to read what you have on the loading screen, but could cause impatience from some and the possibility to simply not press a key, thus never starting. The negatives usually outweigh the benefits.


Here, you can choose an imported image to be displayed in the background of the loading screen, replacing the default background image.

Image Scaling

This option will set how the background image will scale for each player.

  • Normal will keep it its original size.
  • Aspect Scaled will scale it to maximize its size without biasing it in any direction.
  • Stretched makes it fill the entire screen, no matter the aspect ratio or size.

Loading Bar

Changes the appearance of the loading bar according to which option you select.


The text is only available when the loading screen type is set to 'Custom'.


This is the main field of the loading screen. It should contain the most detail. It's best not too add too much information, otherwise people won't have time (or will) to read it.


This will show up in a box at the bottom of the screen, above the loading bar. It's useful for brief tips.

If you want to remove this box, just set the Help section's text as a single space.


The subtitle is located between the Body and Title. It has a larger font size than the Body, but smaller than the Title.


Title is at the very top, having the largest font size. Usually people simply repeat the name of the map for the title.

Text Position

Text position decides where the text is located on the loading screen. Default positions on the upper left of the screen while the other options position it according to the option selected.


These nudge the position of the text according to the X and Y axis. Offset is only changeable when 'default' isn't selected for the text position.


The size determines how much space is permitted for text. Size is only changeable when 'default' isn't selected for the text position.

Video Tutorial

All credits to Jack, from StarEdit Network community. <youtube>0LLov7xKp3o</youtube>