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An augment ability is used to modify use of another ability, by adding an extra effect prior to the ability being cast.


  • (Basic) Ability: Name - The name of the ability.
  • (Basic) Ability: Ability Command - The name of and specific command from the ability that is being augmented.
  • (Basic) Ability: Target Type - Determines which types of target is requested.
  • (Basic) Cost: Cost+ - The cost of using this ability.
  • (Basic) Effect: Effect - The effect that takes place prior to the linked ability being cast.
  • (Basic) Stats: Flags+ - Flags set for the ability.
  • Ability: Auto Cast Filters - Determines what can be targeted automatically via autocast based on what is enabled, required, excluded, and allowed.
  • Ability: Auto Cast Validators+ - Specific validators used to determine if the target is valid when autocast is on.