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A build ability allows the building of other units. Unless the build time is 0, the build ability requires the built units to have the Buildable ability that defines how the unit behaves while being built. For normal structures, there is already one Buildable ability called "Build in Progress" that should work fine.


  • (Basic) Ability: Name - The name of the ability.
  • (Basic) Ability: Effects+ - Sets the various effects that take place during the building process (Start, Finish, and Cancel).
  • (Basic) Ability: Info+ - Specific information regarding each of the maximum 30 units that can be built.
    • Button - Default Button - The default button used for the buildable unit.
    • Button - State - Determines if the button is available (visible), restricted (requirements necessary), or suppressed (hidden).
    • Button - Requirements - Requirements for the button to be used or made visible.
    • Info - Unit - The buildable unit created by the ability.
  • (Basic) Cost: Cost+ - The cost of using this ability.
  • (Basic) Stats: Flags+ - Flags set for the ability.
  • (Basic) Stats: Range - The range of the ability.
  • Ability: Build Morph Ability - Used in conjunction with the "Instant Placement" flag and when "Build Type" is set to Add On. This is essentially how a Terran structure's addon is placed.
  • Ability: Build Type - The type of construction process for the ability. "Add On" instantly places the unit (when the "Instant Placement" flag is enabled). "Normal" is the default.
  • Cost: Refund Fraction+ - Assuming it costs anything to create the ammo unit, this determines how much of that cost is refunded when production is cancelled.