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Allows a unit to turn into another unit. You are able to set certain time paramaters to help facilitate the change (i.e. adding time to the duration of the morph), but aside from a basic size (morphing from a smaller to larger unit, or vice versa) or height change (morphing from a ground to air unit, or vice versa) you can't automatically animate a morph without an animated model to go with it (i.e. the morph from a Fighter Viking to Assault Viking).


  • (Basic) Ability: Name - The name of the ability.
  • (Basic) Ability: Commands+ - Data relating to specific commands for the ability. This field can set any requirements necessary for the ability to work as well as changing the default button.
  • (Basic) Ability: Info+ - Parameters relating to specific commands of the ability. Right click and select "Add Unit" to add appropriate units to the ability.
    • Info - Unit - Unit that the Morph creates.
    • Info - Collision Range - Unknown.
    • Info - Sections - Durations - Delay determines how long it takes to change from the starting unit to the newly morphed unit.
    • Info - Sections - Effects - Effects that take place during certain stages of the morph process.
    • Info - Random Delay Minimum - Minimum random delay before the morph begins.
    • Info - Random Delay Maximum - Maximum random delay before the morph begins.