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StarCraft II uses several different filetypes for controlling the game, both for art and for data. This page has lists the basic file types.


DDS (File Format) is the image type that StarCraft II uses for most of its textures.

M3 (File Format) is the model format StarCraft II uses for all its 3D artwork.

OGV (File Format) is the video format StarCraft II uses for it's prerendered cinematics.

TGA (File Format) is the secondary image type StarCraft II uses. Examples of its use include the minimap image, seen as minimap.tga in the map MPQ.

StarCraft II also supports the use of JPGs, but they have to be renamed to *.TGA for the editor to recognize them.


OGG (File Format) is the sound format StarCraft II uses for all its sound and music needs.


XML (File Format) is the file type StarCraft II uses to store data.

MapInfo (File Format) contains initial information about the map, such the map dimensions, camera bounds, loading screen, and some flags.

MPQ (File Format) is the method Blizzard uses to store all the other files in, similiar to a ZIP file. Note: SC2Mod, SC2Map, s2map are all also MPQs, but they have been named with different file extensions for better sorting.

  • .css (Cascading Style Sheet)
  • .db
  • .fx (shader)
  • .galaxy (Scripting language used for map creation)
  • .gfx (shockwave flash)
  • .otf (font)
  • .png (graphic)
  • .SC2Layout (UI layout)
  • .ttf (font)
  • .txt (Plain text file)

AGRE - Agrement license

AUTH - ??? encrypted/compile

AVTR - mapping and settings of the avatar image (.WAFL) in JSON structure

NEWS - xml file containing the news

PFTY - ??? encrypted/compile

S2GS - ??? encrypted/compile with structure

S2MH - file containing map and game settings in JSON structure

S2ML - xml file containing a list of strings (localisation)

S2MV - tga file containing image of unit and orders thinks

S2QH - Ladder(?) settings in JSON Structure

S2QL - xml file containing localistion of gametypes

S2RS - ??? encrypted/comple

WAFL - JPEG file