GalaxyWiki Constitution

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The following is a set of guidelines that we would like participating websites to follow. If you would like to get your StarCraft 2 community involved, then make sure you read and agree to the following:

  • All member sites agree to have equal privileges and access, regardless of the website's size, popularity, and productivity.

  • Each member site is allowed to choose one representative who will be given administrative powers on the wiki. This administrator will also have administrative access to an accompanying forum (made solely for the discussion of the wiki). If necessary, more moderators from the participating communities may be added if all the admins agree to it.

  • All member sites agree to only advertise their site in the correct areas, without spamming links to their site in incorrect places. It is acceptable to include links in a "See also" section of a given article, as long as the link is relevant and not for self-promotion. Participating communities may also have a page on the Wiki for their community.

  • All member sites agree to link to the communal wiki ( as their main asset for StarCraft II map-making resources. The point of this wiki being that each community pools their knowledge together to create one massive knowledge-base for everything related to StarCraft II map-making.

  • All member sites agree to modify their own Terms of Service to add a clause allowing relevant information to be copied to the joint Wiki. For example something like the following would suffice: "By registering on this website, you agree that any material you will submit can be reproduced in the resource without your prior consent. Of course, credit will be given where it is due. This clause does not authorize websites other than to reproduce your work without your consent."

If you would still like to get involved, send an inquiry to [email protected].