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This is the frontpage from the old GalaxyWiki site.


Welcome to GalaxyWiki, a StarCraft II Wiki developed by a group of map-making communities to build a massive knowledge-base for people ranging from the newest map-makers to the seasoned veterans.

Starter Guide Complete List of Articles
If you are new to StarCraft II map-making, this guide should be your first stop. It has links to various other articles and categories that should help you learn how to use the editor. This is a list of all the articles on GalaxyWiki. Some may still be incomplete or outdated as things change with the editor or game, so if you find something that needs to be updated, by all means update it.

Incomplete Wiki Articles General Mapping Tips
These are the Wiki articles that are incomplete and could use some updating on GalaxyWiki. These are your basic tips to help with map-making and working with the editor.

Wiki Requests
If you need a specific tutorial or reference that doesn't apply to any of the ones listed on this Wiki, then add it to this page and hopefully someone will write one up.

Main Links

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Communities Involved is a wiki project founded on one simple principle: creating one of the biggest resources for StarCraft 2 map-making, for the map-making society as a whole. GalaxyWiki is managed equally by the various administrators from participating communities, and acts as the main wiki database for these participating communities.

The following is a list, sorted alphabetically, of the websites that have decided to help build this resource and use as their StarCraft 2 tutorial/reference database:

Obviously being a Wiki, this site is driven by anyone willing to share some knowledge with the rest of us. The above list of websites is mainly comprised of the communities that helped build this site from the ground up and have administrative control. If you would like your community to get involved, be sure to read's "Constitution" to check out some of the guidelines regarding participation. We want to emphasize that this is a communal project at heart, so you don't have to be from one of the participating websites to link to or add to this database.