Item containers

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Item containers are catalog objects, that represent bags, enabling to carry items. They are used either by inventory or items, that can be equipped to provide heroes with an item bag. (In the end, the unit has to have the inventory ability to manipulate items).

An example of item container with background model. The name (Attack) is set in Inventory ability, not in the container.
The Column and Row values act as a grid when you open your Item Container. Both values start at "0" and at the top left of the in-game window.


There are no container types, all are Generic.


There are two important fields, model and slots.

  • Model (along with Model width and Model height) define the background model of the bag dialog window.
  • Slots is a complex field that contains all settings for each items slot. Each slot is on different coordinates (0-7 in both directions), and has a list of allowed item classes. Also each slot has Equipped option. Items in equipped slots provide their equip bonuses, otherwise they only provide carry bonuses (more info on items page). The empty face doesn't work, so far I know.


There is a set of item classes, containers, items and inventory ability is already created by Blizzard and can be used as point of reference. To access them, one must activate the campaign dependency.