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Missiles are an effect type, also know as CEffectLaunchMissile.

The "Basic Missile" this article refers to is described here.

Missile screenie 1.png

Auto-Acquire Missile

The caster simply triggers the ability (without aiming at any enemy), the missiles is launched and auto-targets an enemy.

  • ?

Seeker Missile

The caster aims at an enemy, the missile is launched and will follow the targeted unit.

  • ? (See Raven's Seeker Missile ability)

Persistent Missile

The missile launched will deal damage to all units it encounters, without exploding.

  • Based on the Basic Missile, remove the "Suicide" effect from the "Effect - Effects" field of your Set type effect.

Constant Missile

The missile will always be launched toward a relative point from the caster (for example: always to the North of the caster).

  • Based on the Basic Missile, change the ability to be of a type "Effect - Instant".
  • Under the Launch Missile type effect, just change the "Target - Impact Offset" to coordinates corresponding to the relative you want. For example, straight North for 10 squares from Caster would be (0,10).

Facing Missile

This missile will always be launched in a straight in front of the caster's facing point.

  • ?

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