Models (Catalog)

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Models are catalog objects that wrap up actual 3D models. They contain a various number of settings, but generally only the Model field is important (link to the model file).


There are two types: Generic and Foliage. Foliage contains a number of additional settings concerning the foliage generator, for anything else use Generic.


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  • Model - as said before, most important field, linking to the model file.
  • Scale min/max - allows for random scale, or complete rescale of a model (this scale is applied together with any possible actor scale, e.g. 0.5 model scale and 0.5 actor scale will result in 0.25 result)
  • Selection radius - the size of selection circle, if it is used as unit model. This is affected by the model scale.
  • Selection offset - allows to offset the selection circle
  • Variation count - unless it's set to 1, random model file will be chosen (the given name in the Model field is a template, the actual name of the used model will be name_00.m3 to name_xx.m3)

These fields are sufficient for regular use (e.g. creating a unit model from any model in game).