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An Introduction to UDMod

Unconfessional Design (UDMod) is a Starcraft 2 modding community who aim to deliver high quality resources and projects. Our main focus is to be a friendly community and we openly invite SC2 Modders of all abilities to join us! We are already home to many popular Starcraft 2 projects and are constantly expanding the number of projects we house.



  • CloudWolf

Global Moderators:

  • CloudMax

Moderators and Such:

  • Vindicator [Moderator]
  • Scrapper [Moderator]
  • idodik [Tutorial Moderator]
  • Deolrin [Arena Master]
  • HELL_YA [News Reporter]
  • FrIkY [Icon Artist]



The UDmod Arena Master regularly holds SCII contests, and you could be the next winner! Why not take a look at our UD Arena?

Game Casting

While not currently active this subject has been brought up and will indeed receive support from the community when initiated!

You could be the first one! Just contact us at Contact UD.

UDmod Weekly Gathering

Each weekend the members of the community get together to play maps for fun and to test each others' projects.

We unite in the Starcraft II chat channel named "UDmod". We'll be happy to hear from you there, as well as in our site!

Want to test your map with us? Write to us at UDmod's Weekly Online Gathering Thread.

Hosted Projects


Our most successful project yet, Risk Revulsion is run by the members HELL_YA and redmarine. This project is a risk-style multi-player map containing fast-paced action, strategy and rivalry between players. The project community always keeps touch with its fans, receives constant feedback and is constantly being improved to enable maximum gaming experience.

Find out more at the RiskRevulsion Forums.


An up-and-coming project, WW2 Diplo is run by the member FockeWulf. WW2 Diplo is a strategy map that takes place during World War 2.

Find out more at the WW2 Diplo Forums.


One of the most keenly expected projects of the site, UoS is run by the member QZX. The project is divided into two parts:

Chapter 1 - Road to Hell, the start of a single-player campaign for StarCraft II.

Universe of Starcraft: Battlefield - A TPS multiplayer map.

Find out more at the Universe of Starcraft Forums.


Mineralz Evolution is lea by UDmod members Vindicator and SyCo. Mineralz is a fast-paced defense game utilizing both cooperation and creativity.

Find out more at the Mineralz Evolution Forums.


As UDmod's united hosted project, it is managed by the Moderators and Administrators of the site. Fields of Glory is a combined effort of our members to create a customized and playable Medieval AoS map. We would love your advice or help, whichever it may be, so stop by and have a look at our united efforts!

Find out more at the Fields of Glory Forums.

Why Not Join Us?

Want to become part of our ever expanding community? Head over to our website at: