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Interact is a type of ability that allows unit to be used by other players than the owner.

Interact usually works on auto-cast, although it can be used as manually-cast ability. Casting this ability on a unit gives control of the casting unit to the target's unit controller (i.e. an item shop will cast this ability to grant control to the heroes standing nearby).


  • (Basic) Ability: Name - The name of the ability.
  • (Basic) Ability: Commands+ - Data relating to specific commands for the ability. This field can set any requirements necessary for the ability to work as well as changing the default button.
  • (Basic) Stats: Flags+ - Flags set for the ability.
    • Exclusive - Exclusively links the ability to one player at a time.
    • Share Control - Shares control of the target unit, allowing the use of abilities. (Note: If a Train ability is used through Interact and trains an item unit, the item is given in target unit's inventory.)
    • Share Vision - Shares the vision of the interacting unit with target unit's controller (i.e. for melee Xel'Naga towers).