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Train allows the creation of other units. It is usually used together with the Queue ability, which handles the training queue. If the training unit has the Interact ability, the trained units (items) will be placed in interact-target's inventory.


  • (Basic) Ability: Name - The name of the ability.
  • (Basic) Ability: Info+ - The specific information for each of the 30 possible train commands. Here you can set the default buttons, flags, requirements, costs, effects, and units.
  • (Basic) Ability: Morph Unit - What the unit will morph into when the ability is used (i.e. the Larva's train ability will morph it into an egg).
  • (Basic) Stats: Range - Maximum range from the producing unit that the trained units can spawn.
  • Ability: Offset+ - Offset vector that controls the direction relative to the producing unit that the trained unit will spawn.