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The Data Editor

The Data Editor is perhaps the most powerful tool housed within the Galaxy Editor software for Starcraft 2. Many people who have been amateur (or even professional) mapmakers from Warcraft 3 are often daunted by the seemingly endless complexities which the Data Editor throws up.

Luckily, this Wiki contains many helpful tutorials and reference pages which will aid in your understanding of this tool.

The Data Editor is the central point for which the basis of gameplay in controled. The basis in which game objects interact with one another and are displayed is manipulated through it. As such, the Data Module is the primary means for creating Mods


The Data Editor is organized into sever groups of catalogues based on the function of each object.

Game Data:

Art and Sound Data:


  • Creating a Unit from Scratch - a very in-depth look at how to create your first unit in the Data Editor (Incomplete).
  • Instant Effect Abilities - a two part tutorial looking at how to create a stimpack-like ability for an Archon, as well as an in-depth look at the theory behind why it works like it does.
  • Missile Abilities - a slightly advanced tutorial which creates a targetable missile spell.


  • Behaviors - a complete reference for all types of Behavior objects.
  • Behavior - Modification + - an incomplete reference page which seeks to explain all the attributes and factors which a Behavior object can Modify.
  • Data Editor Theory - an article undergoing completion which highlights some key aspects to be aware of when navigating and utilizing the Data Editor.
  • Effects - an incomplete reference for all types of Effect objects.
  • Weapons - a brief reference looking into aspects of creating Weapons for units.