Importing Custom Icons

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Create the Icon

Designing Custom Icons is fairly difficult, but once you have designed and finished your icon, you need to save it as a DDS (File Format). When your chosen program comes up with the options on how to save it, choose BC3/DXT5 for the compression method, and don't choose Create Mipmaps. The reason you use BC3/DXT5 for the compression method is because that method allows use of interpolated alphas, and retains a high quality. As for mipmaps, they are unnecessary, as StarCraft II automatically creates mipmaps for you.

Import the Icon

The procedure is the same as any other import.

  1. Under "Modules," select "Import" (F9). A new window will pop up that will list all imported files in your map.
  2. In this new window, select "Import Files..." (Ctrl+I) from the "Data" menu. Another window will open.
  3. Click on the "Browse..." button on the right to find the folder that contains your icon. A list of files should appear in the box on the left. Check the box next to the icon you want to import.
  4. Click "OK" and they will now appear in a new folder under "Document Files". If you wish, you can move them to a more appropriate place, such as Assets\Textures.

Use the Icon

Most probably, you will want to create a custom button for your icon, or replace an existing button icon with yours. Go to the Data Editor module, choose Buttons from the dropdown menu, and navigate to your button. Then change the icon.


  • Jack (StarEdit.Net) Author of the YouTube video.