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Terrain is the landscape and scenery in a map. Terrain's most basic function is to limit where ground units can walk and where structures can be built. Well-placed terrain can also add aesthetic appeal to a map.

Terrain mechanics in StarCraft II

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Terrain in a StarCraft II map is three-dimensional. Basic terrain editing involves the placing of textures and cliffs, and the modification of terrain elevations to create slopes.

Terrain Texture Sets

Terrain texture sets are what StarCraft II uses to group terrain textures together. This article shows all the default texture sets. You can edit the default terrain texture sets and create your own by opening the Data Editor and going to the Terrain Texture Sets data type.

Terrain texture sets

If you remove a texture from the list on the right, then you can add a different texture in its place. Or alternatively, just use the Replace button. You are currently limited to a maximum of 8 different textures in each terrain texture set. This means that in one map, there is a maximum of 8 terrain textures.

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