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Upgrades are catalog objects, that modify other catalog entries for one player. As the name indicates, they are usually used for ugrading unit properities in game, but they can also be used by requirements. Upgrades can modify catalogs in a very limited way (only numeric fields, and not all of them).

Upgrades can be granted via triggers, or researched with the research ability. (There is no way to remove them with data editor, that is possible only with trigger.)


Upgrades have no types, they are all Generic.


  • UI

Specifies how the research is displayed when researched (Alert can be set to none to disable).

  • Affected units

List of all units that can take advantage of this upgrade. (Needs research: does it actually do something, or is it only for display?)

  • Effects+

This field sets the catalog changes. An upgrade can change several other catalog's (units, behaviors, effects, weapons...) fields (for example unit HP, buff duration, effect damage, etc.).