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This page will function as a portal to direct users to all of the documentation of Galaxy Editor contained within the wiki. If you create a page of documentation, please feel free to add it to the wiki, by simply adding


to the bottom of your tutorial page.

Creating a page of documentation

When creating a page of documentation, please make sure to conform to the following rules:

  • Make sure to check to see if the function, trigger, data field, or other method you are providing documentation on does not already exist.
  • Please conform to the given documentation format. It helps with organization and standardization.
  • Please be sure to add the above Category tag to it when you are finished, to make sure it is listed here for future reference.
  • Make sure when creating a new page, to add (StarCraft II) to the end of the page title. This helps to differ between any pages shared by both StarCraft and StarCraft 2.
  • Please provide examples on every page. It is not enough to tell what something does. You need to give, if nothing more a simple "changing this field to x will result in a certain action, and changing it to y will result in this different action". Screen shots and map demonstrations are very welcome.
  • Please document any interesting notes and behaviors you find. For instance, one may say "This action may cause lag problems over", or "Running this trigger on a dead unit will result in an error message."